By , March 9, 2009
Ashley Hancock

Hello everyone!

We have been very busy building the trains for “Terminator Salvation” and all I can say about them is WOW! These trains are going to look so cool.

The past few weeks, I have been learning so much about the construction of a wooden roller coaster. I was given a study manual about the construction and operation of our rides and was then told that I was going to be given a quiz by Chris in the near future. I have been busy reading this manual trying to obtain as much information as I can.

Adam and I also joined Clair at Dutch Wonderland to assist him and finish the repair job on “Kingdom Coaster”. This was a great learning experience to be able to physically work on the structure.

I attended my first East Coaster last month and Chris played a very good practical joke in front of the crowd that embarrassed me, but we all got a good laugh out of it. Thanks Cliff for playing along!

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of all our construction progress, we will post more soon!

By , February 8, 2009
Ashley Hancock

Hello everyone, I want to first introduce myself. My name is Ashley and I am the new intern for the Sunbury office. I’m here assisting Chris, Dan, and Adam with the assembly of the Millennium Flyer Trains for 2009.

We have already completed both trains for Prowler and one is already on site. We just finished the Forellenhof train on Thursday of last week and it will be shipping on Wenesday of this week.

I would also like to take this time to say how thankful I am for this opportunity to work as an intern for Great Coasters Int. Be sure to look for more post in the future with updates on the construction of the Terminator trains and the commissioning of all three coasters.

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