By , January 29, 2007
Adam House

Big News: The chassis are in and construction on the trains is now in full swing. We have already made a lot of progress on the chassis. We receive chassis upside down to make our lives easier during the assemble process. We have to do several things before they can be flipped and I can say that we have already made so much progress that the chassis that we do have will be flipped soon. As of right now though, the trains don’t really look like the GCI trains that everyone can recognize. There are many different things that must be added first before the seats and benches are added and people can recognize the trains.

The big story today at GCI was that we had the camera crew from Extreme Engineering come in and film some segments from their show. They came in to find out exactly how GCI trains are constructed and learn exactly how GCI builds roller coasters. Jeff Pike, GCI’s head engineer came into town for the occasion. He and Chris Gray spent the day showing the host different simulations on the computer and showing different stages in the train assembly process. Keep your eyes peeled in July for the show to air.

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