By , February 20, 2007
Adam House

Well, in case you haven’t looked at the new pictures, a lot has been going on in the GCI office. On Monday, Chris and myself test fit all running boards to all the Wildcat chassis and drilled them so that they will be ready to be added at their appropriate time. We also managed to add road wheels and their appropriate weldments to all chassis. As of Monday, all 24 Wildcat chassis were ready to be “built up.”

Tuesday, we began making the chassis look like roller coaster trains. In the course of one day, we added seat sides, seat backs, and seat cushions. Please see the pictures tab to see this progress. Chris told us that this is the fastest these parts have ever been assembled. One of the best parts about adding these parts is that we can finally see the progress being made and we can see where all of our hard work is going. It really is a great feeling seeing these chassis become what everyone sees as roller coaster trains. One really cool thing about the new additions is that we can now sit in the trains and think about how awesome it will be when these new trains are running on the Wildcat.

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