By , March 5, 2007
Evan Souliere

The two Wildcat trains are officially done. The only thing missing is the banister on the two lead coaches, but those will be installed on site.

We wrapped up the construction of these trains beginning at the end of last week. We got our lead axle chassis in and quickly attached the guide wheel weldments, flipped the chassis, and mated the two with the lead coaches. Once we had those together, we installed road wheels, running boards, and other finishing details.

Simultaneously, we had to finish the lapbar mechanisms and inspections on the rest of the coaches, but we finished those today and received the covers, rendering those done.

It was quite the exciting day.

With two trains under our belt, we now have four more to go. For most of this week, we will simply be preparing for the arrival of our chassis when we can start the process all over¬†again. Once that happens, be sure to follow as Renegade’s trains are built from the ground up.

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