By , March 22, 2007
Adam House

Well, as many of you may have already seen or heard, the Hershey Wildcat has successfully completed its curcuit and today Evan and I went to the park to help break in the new trains. The first train underwent testing Wednesday and early Thursday, while the second train was being tested late in the day on Thursday. In addition to recieving new trains, there are certain spots on the Wildcat that recieved retrack during the offseason. One part being the flat turn under the lift hill that flies past the front of the station.

With the new trains and new layers of lumber, these areas of the ride are very smooth. Even after 15 rides, I could definately tell that the ride was more enjoyable and had a higher re-ridership. I mean the fact that I could ride it 15 times in a row should say a lot. It is really amazing to look at the trains and ride them and say,”I built that.” It really gives a great sense of satisfation and lets you know that all the hard work and long days really paid off. More than anything it is amazing to think that something I built will bring millions of people thrills and happiness for years to come.

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