By , January 15, 2008
Evan Souliere

Things are busier in the Great Coasters office than most people probably think. Sure we’re building just one new ride this year and are still preparing for one next year, but we’ve also taken on a lot of rehab work at various parks.

A notable project we’re working on is Boulder Dash (for the second year in a row). We’re retracking some key points, as well as improving the structure in some places. I think the changes will be appreciated.

With all the new rides to get excited about during every offseason, I’ve never considered the amount of rehab work that goes on at various parks. It certainly didn’t take me long to figure it out, though, as we are working hard to properly balance the work going on at all of our sites.

Other things that have been keeping me busy include working on both structural and mechanical drawings for Evel Knievel and helping to determine sound levels around Great America’s new coaster.

I’ll post photos of Evel Knievel to the site as soon as we get them from the¬†field. The highest point of the ride is constructed, so everything’s downhill from here (lame pun intended).

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