By , January 18, 2007
Adam House

Picture this:
Ten pallets stacked several feet high that are “No joke” and ten 3x6x18 pieces of lumber that need to be loaded onto a container on a semi.
Yesterday at Great Coasters Intl. we had that situation. We had known that the truck was coming, but it was there as soon as we arrived at work; 8 AM. It didn’t help that it was below freezing outside. All in all, the situation went relatively smooth. 45 minutes of loading, a lot of lifting, and heavy use of a fork lift is all it took. The thing was, we were told that this would be the easier one do to the fact that so few pallets were being shipped and it was only a 20 foot long container. In a few weeks, the number of pallets will double and the container size will double…now that will be interesting.

The big motto this week at GCII is “The calm before the storm.” Why is that? Because next week, we will be recieving a shipment of chassis and everyone will be super busy around the shop (as if things right now weren’t hectic enough) We have been cleaning and preparing the shop for these chassis. We will be attacking train assembly head on when the chassis do arrive.

In the past two days, we have been to several vendors to not only check the status of several of our parts, but also deliver and pick up items for the trains. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Evan and myself went to the upholstry shop. We delivered several seat backs and picked up some finished seat sides. Thats right, we picked up several of the most comfortable seats on a roller coaster…Ever. We have quite a lot of finished cusions sitting around the GCII shop awaiting the day when they will be added to the trains.

All in all, there are a ton of parts sitting around the shop waiting for the chassis to be delivered. As soon as that happens, all the parts will come together to create the greatest roller coasters trains ever built, Millennium Flyers.

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