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By , February 26, 2007
Adam House

Progress at Great Coasters is really starting to come along. After a long weekend, almost all lapbars are on the cars and running boards are slowly being added. Adding the lap bars and lap bar systems does require a lot of work, but with a crew of four, we seem to be making a lot of progress rather quickly. Within the next few weeks, the trains at the GCI office will be ready for shipment to HersheyPark. Check back soon for photos of the progress we are making.

By , February 22, 2007
Adam House

Great news from Great Coasters. Only two more large additions and the Hershey Wildcat trains will be finished. After another hard day at work, we managed to add nerf bars and “remain seated” signs. With those things being finished, we are left to add the lapbars and the running boards Those are the only two large things left, and the Wildcat trains will be ready to roll.

By , February 20, 2007
Evan Souliere

Well, there is no need to say everything that Adam just said, but I do want to just add that today was probably one of the most gratifying days we’ve had. The “chassis” can now officially be referred to as the “cars” and the end is in sight. It’s not that I want to be done with these cars, but knowing how little (relatively) we have left with these two trains really shows us the progress we have made.

It is incredible how much road wheels, seat sides, seat backs, and seat bottoms drastically change how we see the cars. We are essentially seeing them as most people recognize them (except for a few details), but I can now identify how it comes together to look like it does. And I definitely appreciate all that goes into the design of the trains.

By , February 20, 2007
Adam House

Well, in case you haven’t looked at the new pictures, a lot has been going on in the GCI office. On Monday, Chris and myself test fit all running boards to all the Wildcat chassis and drilled them so that they will be ready to be added at their appropriate time. We also managed to add road wheels and their appropriate weldments to all chassis. As of Monday, all 24 Wildcat chassis were ready to be “built up.”

Tuesday, we began making the chassis look like roller coaster trains. In the course of one day, we added seat sides, seat backs, and seat cushions. Please see the pictures tab to see this progress. Chris told us that this is the fastest these parts have ever been assembled. One of the best parts about adding these parts is that we can finally see the progress being made and we can see where all of our hard work is going. It really is a great feeling seeing these chassis become what everyone sees as roller coaster trains. One really cool thing about the new additions is that we can now sit in the trains and think about how awesome it will be when these new trains are running on the Wildcat.

By , February 9, 2007
Adam House

Well, it is official. We now have all of the chassis for the Wildcat at HersheyPark in the GCI shop. Progress is continuing very rapidly and almost all of the chassis are flipped right side up. We are very tight on space in the shop as you could imagine. The good news is that we are getting things assembled much quicker than planned and very soon we should have something that resembles a GCII roller coaster train.

By , February 8, 2007
Evan Souliere

Just posting a quick update saying that we got six more chassis today with six more on the way tomorrow. That makes 24 total, which are all going to Hershey.

Things were slowing down a bit before this, so I’m glad they’re here. We’ll be building the 12 new chassis up to the point of the previous 12 then working on all 24 together.

By , February 4, 2007
Evan Souliere

The past few days have been relatively eventful. Well, on Thursday and Friday, Adam and I worked on the lapbars some more and I ran some errands on Friday. That actually took up a good part of the afternoon because I had to go to our two farthest vendors (each about 40 minutes away and a half hour from each other).

Friday afternoon we cleaned the entire shop and office in preparation for this weekend. It was ACE’s Eastcoaster and it involved a tour of our office today.

But it began on Saturday when we drove to Northampton, PA, roughly two hours away. Chris made a presentation with updates on Renegade and Troy, as well as auctioning off some cool things from our place.

Adam and I also got to meet a lot of cool people interested in doing the exact same things as us. I have to admit, it was pretty cool talking with people who want to do this. I’m not used to it.

We were at Eastcoaster all day. It was the first one I’ve been to and I thought it was pretty cool. You can tell they put a lot into it, getting parks and manufacturers to come and talk. Afterward, we had dinner locally with Pete Owens from Dollywood, who is a really cool guy.

Today, was the tour at our office.We were there for several hours and I’d say roughly 40-50 people showed up, which was about what was expected. Adam and I got to show them around, giving as much information as we could on our trains. The word is out, by the way, that the two other trains we are building are, in fact, for Hershey’s Wildcat.

Knoebels followed, where roughly the same people who took our tour went on to see Flying Turns being constructed. They had it set up nicely for us, so we could see the trough in stages. The whole project is just wild; quite an undertaking and it’s going to be quite a ride when it is done. I hope it opens before I’m done here.

That’s pretty much it from this weekend. I’ve posted a few photos of these events, so you can check those out.

We’re supposed to get the chassis for the other train of Wildcat this week, so we hope to report more progress in the coming days. Stay tuned.

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