By , May 27, 2008
Adam House

This past Sunday, Evan, Jeff, Joe, Chris and myself got the chance to head out to Beech Bend Park for the annual event know as Rumblefest. It really ended up being a great time. As usual, the Jones family extended exceptional hospitality and kindness toward every at the event with some perks of the event being a huge raffle of Kentucky Rumbler merchandise, an unbelievable down home Kentucky dinner, and over 4 hours of ERT on the Kentucky Rumbler. Thanks to everyone that made it out to the event and a special thanks to the Jones family for being so generous, and welcoming everyone as part of their family. Keep an eye on the site for photos of the event as well as photos of Evel Kinevel, which opens in less than a month.

By , January 3, 2008
Adam House

During the holiday break, I was given the chance to head down to Beech Bend Park in Bowling Green, KY to ride the Kentucky Rumbler as well as checking out their holiday light event. I was also fortunate enough to be given a very neat perspective of the ride by walking the ride track. I must say that even after two years of running with very minimal track work, the Rumbler is still running like new. It really is a fantastic ride with around thirty cross-overs and very quick changes in direction.

As for the event at Beech Bend, it was amazing. They really went all out to put their guests in the holiday spirit. There were over a million lights throughout the park as well as a hayride, hot chocolate, and ice skating. And let’s not forget the Kentucky Rumbler at night or the many other rides that were running for the event.

I would like to extend a special thanks to everyone at Beech Bend for their hospitality and warm welcomes while we were there.

By , December 4, 2007
Adam House

As most of you have seen from the photo update on our site from this weekend, Evel Kinevel has finally gone vertical! We have been very busy in the office trying to keep our guys in the field busy and keeping things moving along smoothly. The crew on site has been doing a great job and has managed to construct the bottom of the first drop on the ride.

By , November 19, 2007
Adam House

Now that the IAAPA attractions expo is over, there are several things to report as far as news from Great Coasters International. First off, Great Coasters and California’s Great America are pleased to announce a new unnamed coaster for the 2009 season. The ride will feature some exciting new elements including a 70 degree bank. The ride will be over 100 ft tall and be located at the center of the park around the skytower.

In other news, site work for Six Flags St. Louis is well underway. Foundation work is really progressing. Nearly all of the ride foundation will be poured today and bent construction will begin soon. Remember to keep checking back to site to find out the latest on news and site updates from Great Coasters.

By , November 8, 2007
Adam House

I just wanted to give everyone an update as to the construction at Six Flags. First off, nearly half of the foundation has been poured and is now curing. Our on site guys have been doing a great job and really moving things along. Here at the office, we have been kicking out bent drawings so that once the guys in the field are ready, we will be one step ahead and construction can go smoothly.

In other news, IAAPA is quickly approaching which means I will be heading out of the office and down to Orlando. Be sure to keep an eye out for Evan and I on the floor and at the GCII booth.

By , October 30, 2007
Adam House

With the park now closed for the season, our on-site crews are now in full swing preparing the Evel Kinevel site. Re bar work has been progressing on site and concrete pouring should be beginning soon. Check out the photos section to see the construction site and keep checking back to see updates on the ride.

By , October 4, 2007
Adam House

Well, as the 2007 season comes to a close, the amusement industry goes into full swing preparing for the 2008 season. As most of you already know Great Coasters creation for next year will be Evel Knievel at Six Flags St. Louis. The ride will be a clone of Thunderbird which was a 2006 GCI coaster built at PowerPark. With that being said it is time for us, the GCII Interns, to head back to help with the new GCI coaster.

The season there is a bit of change though. We will be working at the design office instead of building trains at the Sunbury, PA headquarters. Also, Evan and I will be working during different times. I will be giving updates from now until the end of December and Evan will be on here keeping everyone updated from Janurary to around May or June.

Just remember to keep your eyes on the site during the entire off-season for continuous updates and photos.

By , August 8, 2007
Adam House

Just a quick update for those of you who frequent the site. Evan and myself will be headed up to ValleyFair! from August 24th to the 26th. If you are in the area, keep an eye out for us and check back on the site for photos from our trip.

By , July 3, 2007
Adam House

If you remember back in January, we reported that a camera crew from The Discovery Channel was at our shop.

The episode that was being filmed will be broadcast starting July 10. Here are the details:

“Build It Bigger
Episode 6

Danny Forster launches headlong into scream engineering — building, designing and riding some of the greatest roller coasters on the planet. Danny works with two construction teams who create every exacting detail to make the ride both scary and safe.”

Here are the known broadcast times:
July 10, 10:00 PM
July 11, 2:00 AM
July 12, 7:00 PM
July 14, 11:00 AM

Check it out and see what goes into creating roller coasters.

By , May 2, 2007
Adam House

“And so, every good thing comes to an end.”

Today was my last day for the semester at Great Coasters International. I must say that this really has been one of the fastest and most exciting times of my life. I have gathered a vast amount of knowledge about roller coasters as well as met some funny and interesting people. It is really amazing to see how much work and how many parts go into creating a roller coaster and in particular, the roller coaster trains. You really can’t get an idea until you are the one putting things together and getting dirty. There were some days that seemed long and tough, but at the end of the day you can sit back, look at the finished product and say, “This is going to make thousands of people happy.” What an awesome feeling of accomplishment.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Chris Gray, Jeff Pike, and everyone at Great Coasters International for giving me the opportunity to come in and not only help them, but also learn along the way.

Thanks to the enthusiasts for keeping up with the site and I look forward to seeing you at the parks. Please keep visiting the site, Evan will still be around for photos and updates as they happen.

And now on to an update on the rides. Chris has recently left to go to Valleyfair and you know what that means, the trains will soon be on the ride and testing will be under way. As for the Troy trains, assembly is in full swing. The trains are really beginning to take shape with seat backs and sides being added as well as the upholstered parts. The lapbars and lapbar locking mechanisms are also being installed. Keep following with the site to see the latest photos from the shop.

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