By , March 23, 2009
David Stamper

Hello to all! I would like to start by introducing myself. My name is David and I am currently Interning at the Engineering office in Cincinnati. I have been given the privilege to help with the finalization of all three of our coasters being built this year. These rides are going to be amazing! I figured I would give an update on the progress of our job sites:

Let’s start with El Toro. This past week has been a very eventful week with the coaster making its first test runs! The ride looks phenomenal with great pacing and an awesome first drop for all you “straight drop freaks out there!” If you don’t know what I am talking about with that quote, I advise you check out the video of Chris and Jeff riding El Toro. I will add a link at the end of this entry. Everyone involved with this coaster did a great job and it really shows. Anyone with the opportunity to make it to Germany should add El Toro to their to do list.

Moving on to Worlds of Fun. Prowler is rapidly approaching completion and, if you have seen the construction pictures or have been lucky enough to tour the coaster, it looks absolutely beautiful. All of the main structure for the ride is standing and is fully tracked. I have spent the entire last week drawing structural revisions for the ride and finalizing the braking system which is in the process of being installed. I cannot wait to make my way over to Worlds of Fun this year to ride this beast!

Now for Terminator. As anyone who has followed the construction of this coaster knows, Terminator has gone up extremely fast! We are astounded at the progress that the crew in California has made. With all of the bents in the first drop now standing, the crew is starting to making their way down the lift hill which I recently did revisions for.

I believe that will complete my updates for the day. I hope everyone is enjoying the construction of these rides as much as I am. It’s great to hear all of the much deserved hype about the coasters and know that you were a part of them. I hope to be posting more entries soon to keep everyone updated on the rides and to give you a taste of my role in the overall construction of the¬†coasters.

Here is the hilarious video as promised in the El Toro update:

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