By , November 6, 2008
Evan Souliere

It occurred to me that I haven’t posted in a little while, specifically since Terminator was announced for 2009 at Six Flags Magic Mountain. That brings our work load to THREE jobs for our office to be working on right now, not to mention several repair jobs, as well.

Visitors to Six Flags Magic Mountain have been reporting back our progress there. As of now, the site is ready for concrete and bents are being built. Not just a few; they’re at more than 100 so far and counting. It is exciting to see the overhead shots a few have taken from the Sky Tower, clearly showing the formwork for our slab that I have been staring at on a blueprint for a couple months now. It really is an awesome feeling to see something go from a design on paper to the final product (and everything in between).

So as work picks up at Magic Mountain, I’ll make the same promise I have made for our other jobs: I’ll post any photos of construction that I can as soon as I can. I know what it’s like to crave new photos (we do it all the time in the office!), so sharing them is the least I can do.

Our work at Forellenhof in Germany is moving along quite well. With bents for almost the whole ride (the final section was awaiting the park closing for the season) released for construction, standing of bents is in full swing. Tracking has begun, as well, along with final bracing being installed. The station is next on the list for construction, as well as the lift hill. I wish I had some updated photos to show you now, but I’m at a loss for now. Hopefully soon. We’re also awaiting the naming of the ride so we have something more familiar to call it.

And, finally, Worlds of Fun. I leave that for last because it is certainly getting the most coverage out of the three. Just today, the park posted 15 new photos of the ride’s construction, so you can probably tell the progress they’re making just as much as I can describe it.

What I can offer, though, is that we’ve just released the bents from the top of the lift down the first drop for construction, so keep your eye out for some beefy bents being built and stood. The tallest, if I remember correctly, is just about 90 feet tall (roughly four times taller than anything we’ve stood so far).

In other news, as I so plainly stated in my last post, the new website went live at midnight on November 1 as planned. I like to think that it caters nicely to both clients, and, as I suspect most of the visitors to this site are, those interested in our rides for reasons other than wanting to buy one.

Some features definitely worth checking out (in my opinion):

- The “Compare” page, which allows you to see each of our rides’ stats together and sort them by various criteria.
- The Map that creates a great visual of where we’ve both installed new rides and repaired others.
- The FAQ section, which is a work in progress and awaiting questions to be submitted that YOU think everyone would be interested in.
- The photos throughout the site that have been submitted by our fans (and that you can still contribute to!).

We’ve also created a Facebook page, linked from the site, and a Twitter account. Through both, we can easily update those interested in what’s going on at our job sites, though, admittedly, I’ve been updating everyone via Twitter significantly more often (the smaller updates seem more appropriate).

That’s it for me for today. Stay tuned for more updates as our three jobs continue to move forward.

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