By , December 19, 2008
Evan Souliere

I’m in the final hours of my last day here now, so I thought it’d be nice to post an update before heading out. Starting with our new projects:

Prowler has been well-covered photographically by the park and a few other sites, so I probably have little additional information to offer. Foundation work is winding down, with a couple minor pours left. The first of the two bridges spanning the creek was set today, while track work continued on the more than 75% of the structure already standing. What is left for the ride (structurally) includes the station, transfer building, about half the lift, and the sections of bents connecting the out and return runs to their respective counterparts. Obviously tracking, facing, and bracing will continue, with the mechanical, electrical, and air systems following.

Forellenhof’s ride is in a similar state as Prowler, with all but one section of the structure standing. The foundation work for that portion had to start after the closing of the park for the winter, so we’re just finishing up with concrete and beginning to get the structure going there. Tracking is well under way there, as well, with all eight plies installed over much of the ride. Subsequent mechanical, electrical, and air systems remain, as well.

And finally, Terminator at Magic Mountain has almost all of its concrete poured. In fact, the last slab pour was today, with a few specialty pours remaining. Bent construction is well under way, so once the ride goes vertical, progress will be incredible.

On a personal note, looking back at the last 12 months working in our Cincinnati office (with a two-month break in the middle), my experience has been great. I’ve seen more bent drawings than I ever thought possible and have learned an incredible amount from some of the best in the business. It will be strange to go back to school after all of this, but I’ve missed Boston and my friends, so it will be bitter-sweet.

On the plus side, I graduate in May and will be returning to the office with a full-time position doing more of what I love. Adam, who you haven’t heard from in a little while because he’s been in class, just graduated (lucky him!) this week, and will be joining Great Coasters full-time in the Pennsylvania office where we both started.

With the founding interns growing up, this blog will likely grow with us. I’ll leave its future a surprise, but I assure you that our change of titles does not mean an end to our sharing this experience with you.

Have a great holiday season. I’ll check back in soon enough.

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