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By , February 21, 2016
Kaan Toy

Hey there everyone, I’m Kaan, one of the three (yep, you read that right. Three.) interns working at the GCI Sunbury office this spring.  First off, I’d like to apologize for the lack of blog updates.  We’ve been here for about a month so far but have just been swamped with work.  That said, hopefully updates will be popping up on here more frequently and consistently in the future.  I wanted to keep this first post fairly light so I’ll try not to throw the whole wall of things we’ve been doing lately at you, maybe just a brick here and there.  Anyways, let me introduce myself a bit.

Currently, I’m a sophomore studying mechanical engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.  This past fall, Nathan (a previous intern that also attends UT) introduced me to Adam at IAAPA and a few days later I received an email asking if I would be interested in an internship.  Well, I suppose by now you can guess what my answer to that question was.  So far I’ve been enjoying my time here and am very thankful of Great Coasters for letting me be a part of their company for the semester.

As for what I’ve been doing these past weeks, it’s really been a bit of everything.  Recently, Todd has had me going through the drawings of the machinery (motor skid, transfer table, brakes, etc.) being sent out to Plopsaland De Panne in Belgium so that I can sort out all the hardware that needs to be sent along with the parts.  At times it can seem a little repetitive but now I’ve found myself to be much more familiar with the mechanical components that our rides employ.  Here and there I’ve also been helping out Dan with train assembly.  We usually work on trains at night or on weekends because Dan is busy with office matters at most times during the day.  Most recently, we have begun to install lapbars on Plopsaland’s trains.  When I started working in January the chassis hadn’t been bolted together yet so it’s been really cool to see them progress to where they are now.  Of course there have been plenty of odd jobs here and there such as filling sales orders, assembling guide wheel weldments, and pulling lumber out of storage but I figured that I can save all that fun stuff for another time.

Hopefully I’ll have another update written and posted by the beginning of next week, time permitting.

Until then, thanks for reading!

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