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By , February 28, 2016
Kaan Toy

Hi again all, a week has passed since I last typed up a post and I just wanted to check in and let you know what’s been happening the past seven days here in Sunbury.  I’ve still been very busy hunting down all the machinery hardware that’s needed for Plopsaland.  In addition to gathering all the hardware, I have begun to perform basic quality control on the machinery parts themselves.  Typically, this consists of using a pair of calipers to take measurements of the parts, cross referencing these measurements with callouts on the drawings and finally, making sure that all the parts we have received are within the provided tolerances.  So far in my (relatively short) college career, I haven’t had a class that places an emphasis on the engineering constraints that exist as a result of real world manufacturing methods.  I’ve come to realize that something’s appearance on a sheet of paper can vary from its appearance in real life.  If seemingly small part tolerances stack up in the right (or the wrong) way, they can cause an assembly of parts to be out of alignment.  Little ripples can cause big waves if you’re not careful about the calculation of allowable variance.  Anyways, enough of that, on to the exciting stuff! (for me at least)

Recently, I have been asked to research and come up with a system that allows for the linear bearings on the actuating magnetic brakes to be more easily greased.  Essentially, these linear bearings allow the brakes to move up and down smoothly and currently, the greasing points for the bearing blocks are in somewhat hard to reach locations within the brakes themselves.  After making a few phones calls and searching around to see what knowledge the internet could provide, I drew up a design that used tubing and a mounting block to reposition the greasing points just underneath the top of the brake where they could be accessed from above the track.  Finding a way to mount the block and route the tubes in such a manner that they did not interfere with any existing brake parts proved challenging, yet after several revisions the final product is now sitting on one of the brakes headed out to Plopsaland.  Hopefully by next week they will be on all of them, including the brakes headed to Knott’s Berry Farm.  I can’t quite put into words how it feels to be able to look at these brakes knowing that I had an impact on their design.  Although the addition was relatively minimal, I am very grateful for the opportunity to leave my mark on Great Coasters in some physical form.

Trains have been progressing steadily but (as you can probably guess by the wall of text above) I haven’t been too involved with them this week.  Seat sides and backs are sitting on Plopsaland’s trains to get an idea how they’ll look.  Currently we are waiting on a delivery of parts that will allow us to mount the seats into place.  Once that’s done we can adjust the lapbars to their final positions.

I suppose that’ll be all for this go around.  I hope you enjoyed reading, and I’ll catch you in the next update!

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