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By , April 9, 2016
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Whoa it’s been a while!  I apologize for not writing anything up in a while (a month is too long) but parks around here are starting to open up and well… you know.  A lot of things have happened since my last post.  GhostRider’s silver train is essentially complete and the gold train isn’t far behind.  By the time you read this post Plopsaland’s trains will be on their way overseas as well.

This past week I have been helping to put the finishing touches on the silver train such as the running boards, seat belts, and knee guards.  In addition, earlier in the week I helped Todd build a set of static skid brakes that are going to be installed on Yankee Cannonball’s brake run at Canobie Lake Park.

In the last update I promised that I would have more to tell you about GhostRider’s trains.  In hindsight, it seems like they came together incredibly fast and I wish I would have been able to give progress updates as they were being built up;  however, it was a bit of a catch 22 as I was never able find a good chunk of time (probably a sign that I go to bed too early) to sit down and write a post while we were working on them.  I can say that one of my favorite moments of the whole building process was seeing the first tub (the part of the car that surrounds the riders from the sides and back) completed.  There was a very real sense of accomplishment associated with seeing the car resemble the final product that sits of the track.

Working on GhostRider’s trains these past several weeks has made me realize how much the customer matters to Great Coasters.  Parks have the option of installing a maintenance rail that is separate from the transfer track.  The maintenance rail allows the train to be free of the track stack and be accessed more easily.  In order to roll on to the maintenance rail however, a set of load runners has to be installed on every car that sits just under the road wheel axles.  As you can imagine, tolerances have to be tight on roller coaster trains in order to fit all the parts they contain all in a relatively compact space and these maintenance rollers are no exception.  After we had set all the road wheel axles and tightened down the road wheels we received a change order requesting that these maintenance rollers be installed on the trains because Knott’s Berry Farm had decided to build a maintenance rail for GhostRider.  Normally, the installation of the load runners would be done before the axles are installed and would have required us to take all the axles and wheels back out this go around.  Unfortunately, doing so would have been an extremely lengthy process that would have set us back by a bit.  However, instead of telling the park that it wouldn’t be possible to install the load runners, Shawn and Dan took the time to develop a method that allowed the rollers to be installed without completely removing the axle.  I’m very glad to be working for a company that seeks out win-win solutions and values the customer as much as Great Coasters does.

That’s all for this week, hopefully another one of these posts will be live come this time next week.

P.S. – A bit of Great Coasters trivia.  After conducting a month long experiment I’ve concluded that the office’s least favorite Dum-Dum flavor is bubblegum.

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