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By , October 19, 2016
Paul Brenckle

Hello again,

Last time I left off with getting to work on trains. Well, that sorta happened.

Sept 24-30
I mainly worked on the Kings Island trains. I finally got to assemble a few guide wheel weldments and then mount them on the chassis. Occasionally, the weldments do not fit due to the coating on them, so you need to take a brillo pad to that area on the chassis. Fun fact, there is a difference between a cap screw and a bolt. Basically, there is a flat washer face under the bolt head of a cap screw, where as a bolt is lacking a flat washer. They are also forged differently, but in our case, it is better to use a cap screw on the trains to conserve space. Once all the weldments were put in, the upstop wheels needed to be put in. There is no easy way of tightening the nut on the upstop wheel axle, it takes about 3 minutes per wheel. Putting on the magnetic brake fins is one of my favorite parts. You have to shimmy the fin around to get the spacers and cap screws to fit just right. Sometimes it takes 10 seconds, other times 60 seconds. All in all, its great to see the trains come together from the ground up. On Friday the 30th, Dan was out for the day, but left work for Ian, Tim, and I. We got to mount all the lap bar cans and put the lap bars in the GhostRider train. Also, not all of the lap bars precisely, so we had to use an emery cloth to get them down to the perfect fit. It was interesting to do this without Dan being there to help. While we were getting the lap bars put on, our project manager at Busch called and needed truss plates for the Station ASAP. We had planned on a trip to Dollywood, so they had us stop at Busch on the way home because it was faster than setting up a small shipment.

Oct 3-7
Next week I noticed that Busch Gardens went vertical. It was great being part of that process and nice to see that construction ensued after the parts were delivered. One of the days I got to assemble all of the seat dividers for GhostRider and set them aside for future use. I also got to drive down to the vendor to pick up some bolters for the seat side foam. We received updated quantities on hardware and brackets for Mystic Timbers, which was helpful for an upcoming shipment. That week an engineer from Busch Gardens came up to see how everything was coming along for InvadR. They are refurbishing the old Gwazi trains, but everything from the floorboards up will be new. That Friday was opening night for the Elysburg haunted house, I wore a mask and (hopefully) scared people in the basement of the house while Dan terrorized everyone at the slaughter barn.

Oct 10-14
Last week, it dawned on me that last minute shipments are normal, and you can never fully relax. To get these shipments ready to go, I worked with Ryan, Bob, and Clair to make sure everything that we sent was correct. It involved a lot of hustle and questioning to get it right. Ian and I also quality checked a delivery of brackets and got them stacked on heat treated pallets to ship out to China next week.

Over the weekend I went to Cedar Point with the Penn State TPEG and the other interns for an amazing tour of Raptor, Valravn, Dragster, and Maxair. This week I’m taking off to see family for a day, then I’m off to Scottsdale for the ASTM F24 Conference.


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