Crunch Time!

By , November 7, 2017
Mike Troise

It has been a few weeks but I have finally gotten a chance to sit down and write out another blog. It has been an all hands on deck affair in the shop for the last week or two as we finished up work on the three trains for our latest project. As of last week, we have officially shipped all three trains! It has been quite the experience getting all of these done and out the door by the end of October. It was really cool to watch this game of tetris played out on a large scale as we used a fork lift to load each chassis into the shipping container. While there were some issues along the way, it all worked out in the end.


It was never a dull moment in the shop during this time. I spent time gluing down floorboards, attaching custom plugs to the ends of wires for use on the lap bar monitoring systems (see Robert’s 10/27 blog for more on all of the systems installed on these trains), installing seat bottoms into the chassis, drilling out holes in the wood running boards, and more. One of my biggest tasks recently was gathering up hardware for Dan to use when he is sent on site to finish assembling the trains. While we certainly hope he doesn’t encounter any issues, he likes to have spares of every bolt, washer, nut, metal component, wheel, and more in case they are needed. I have gathered and packaged an entire shipping pallet of hardware. It was quite the tedious task, but definitely an important one. While it was a ton of work gathering hardware for this project, preparation for the next has already begun! We have an order for two trains from another park, and I have already begun to gather components for these trains. No rest for sure around here. We have also been conducting an inventory of the entire shop, so we can stay on top of what needs to be ordered for current projects as well as things down the road.


On the “fun” side of things, a little over a week ago a few members of the RIT Theme Park Enthusiasts club were able to come down to Sunbury for a tour of our shop. Members got the opportunity to ask Dan the train mechanic and our engineer Jase lots of questions about our trains and about how we build attractions. I included a nice group photo below. Another fun thing that was going on during the month of October was the Elysburg Haunted House which Dan volunteers heavily at, creating two scare zones for this year. While I will admit I am far too scared to go through a haunted house, Dan was nice enough to lead Robert and I through it before they opened for the evening one night so we could check out the scares he had created as well as the rest of the haunted house. Even during the day, I jumped a few times. The house was very impressive and I now see why they often get lines over two hours long!




Thanks for reading! Check back soon for the latest from Sunbury!





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