Drawings: Lego Instructions for a Roller Coaster

By , December 6, 2017
Robert Cybulski

Since our first set of trains (as well as Dan) left the shop a couple of weeks ago, the shop has been rather quiet. To fill in the time between tasks in the shop, I have been helping Jase with upgrading and modifying the engineering drawings for the Millennium Flyer trains. I have mainly been working with the assembly drawings for multiple subsystems of the trains (for those that are unfamiliar with engineering drawings, an assembly drawing basically shows the assembler how the parts fit together- kind of like Lego instructions).

My first task was updating the drawings for the trains that were recently sent out. Since the trains had a couple of special modifications due to the added sensors, there were a fair amount of changes to be made to the standard Millennium Flyer trains. Although many of the modifications were simple changes, our CAD (computer aided design) program used for drafting the drawings did not always agree with the changes I wanted to make. Although frustrating at times, these challenges gave me the opportunity to learn the various tricks of the program as well as to improve my understanding of train assembly.

My two proudest achievements as far as drawings are concerned were my drafting of a new seatbelt installation drawing and a sensor installation drawing for a new assembly placed under the floorboard. These were completely new drawings which required me to create an assembly model, an exploded view, and drawing with a bill of materials. Now that I have wrapped up most of the drawing changes for the last set of trains, I have been helping Jase get through his list of required drawing changes. We’re slowly cleaning off his to-do list whiteboards.

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