The Brake Run

By , January 9, 2018
Robert Cybulski

Hello! And welcome to my final blog. It has now been a couple weeks since I finished my internship at Great Coasters, but I wanted to wrap up this blog with a final post.

During the final weeks of my internship, I spent most of my time in the train shop working on the assembly of a brand new set of trains. The previous set of trains (recently announced for Alton Towers) had already been started and were about 30-40% completed upon our arrival in September. However, this set of trains had not yet been touched, and I had the opportunity to work on them from the very beginning. It was cool being able to see the beginning of train assembly since I missed that part of the process with the Alton trains.

Since I had already learned how to assemble many different systems while building the first set of trains, Todd allowed me to independently install many systems including the anti-roll backs, chain dogs, brake fins, guide wheels, and upstop wheels while he focused on tasks such as assembling and pressing wheels. Of course, he checked all of my work and would answer any questions I had, but it was cool to have the responsibility of assembling the trains with minimal guidance. By the end of the internship, I felt like I had a pretty good idea of how a Millennium Flyer is built and the processes used to create the parts.

I briefly mentioned above that the first set of trains that Mike and I were working on was for Alton Towers. I am finally able to say this because Alton recently officially announced their new for 2018 roller coaster, Wicker Man, a Great Coasters creation that fuses wood and fire. The layout has yet to be revealed, but you can find the promotional material at the following link:

Before I say goodbye I would like to thank everyone who followed along with my adventures at Great Coasters through this blog. I really appreciate it and hope that it was entertaining and educational. I would also like to thank everyone at Great Coasters who made this opportunity possible, and who took the time to teach me something. It was a great experience and I learned a lot during my time here. I can’t wait to apply my experience as I continue my ride in this amazing industry.

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