By , February 4, 2007
Evan Souliere

The past few days have been relatively eventful. Well, on Thursday and Friday, Adam and I worked on the lapbars some more and I ran some errands on Friday. That actually took up a good part of the afternoon because I had to go to our two farthest vendors (each about 40 minutes away and a half hour from each other).

Friday afternoon we cleaned the entire shop and office in preparation for this weekend. It was ACE’s Eastcoaster and it involved a tour of our office today.

But it began on Saturday when we drove to Northampton, PA, roughly two hours away. Chris made a presentation with updates on Renegade and Troy, as well as auctioning off some cool things from our place.

Adam and I also got to meet a lot of cool people interested in doing the exact same things as us. I have to admit, it was pretty cool talking with people who want to do this. I’m not used to it.

We were at Eastcoaster all day. It was the first one I’ve been to and I thought it was pretty cool. You can tell they put a lot into it, getting parks and manufacturers to come and talk. Afterward, we had dinner locally with Pete Owens from Dollywood, who is a really cool guy.

Today, was the tour at our office.We were there for several hours and I’d say roughly 40-50 people showed up, which was about what was expected. Adam and I got to show them around, giving as much information as we could on our trains. The word is out, by the way, that the two other trains we are building are, in fact, for Hershey’s Wildcat.

Knoebels followed, where roughly the same people who took our tour went on to see Flying Turns being constructed. They had it set up nicely for us, so we could see the trough in stages. The whole project is just wild; quite an undertaking and it’s going to be quite a ride when it is done. I hope it opens before I’m done here.

That’s pretty much it from this weekend. I’ve posted a few photos of these events, so you can check those out.

We’re supposed to get the chassis for the other train of Wildcat this week, so we hope to report more progress in the coming days. Stay¬†tuned.

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