By , January 18, 2010
Eamon Kelly

Hey guys, just want to provide an update on my second week working at Great Coasters. I have learned quite a bit, and have worked pretty hard. Let me provide some details.

In the beginning of the week, I took a trip out to one of our vendor’s shops. It is here that our chassis are fabricated as well as various other parts. This shop is about five times the size of the shop I visited last week, so it goes without saying that I was drooling like a baby as we walked past rows of CNC machines, huge painting and sandblasting rooms, and welding stations. I was also (briefly) featured on the Coaster Crew’s In the Loop podcast. You can listen to it here (I come in around 70 min). The next day we spent the morning prepping the container, and then loaded it up. Check out the photo gallery to see some pictures of us loading it.

Later in the week we worked on installing the guide wheels and the upstop wheels. I also spent a considerable amount of time putting together the running boards, and managed to cut my hands three times. Apparently my hands like to get in the way of the hardware I’m working with, but I’m hoping this doesn’t become a regular event.

Well that’s all for now, be sure to check out the Great Coasters Facebook page.. There’s something interesting going on…

See ya next week!

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