By , February 1, 2010
Eamon Kelly

Hey guys, it’s been another exciting week for me here at Great Coasters, and I’d like to fill you in on what we did. We started out the week with bending some track steel destined for Worlds of Fun for their Timberwolf coaster. Later that day I ran out to one of our vendors to pick up some parts, so we could continue to build up our chassis. Also last week, we received more chassis, and currently have more than will fit in our shop, which is more than two trains worth of cars!

In the middle of the week, we bent some more track steel. I also spent some time catching up the newest chassis so that all of the cars in our shop were at the same point in assembly. This process, by the way, is a cool thing to point out, in that for most of the assembly process, we try to get each step done for each car all at the same time. We do this in order to most efficiently build the trains. It wouldn’t make much sense to dig out all of the parts, hardware, and tools for a specific task multiple times in stead of just doing that step all at once. This is one thing I can say has truly taught me something about how best to make your product, because school doesn’t really talk about production or fabrication, which should always, in my opinion, be a concern in the design process.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Last week we did the coolest thing I have seen yet. We flipped the lead coach and lead axle, and put the two together. When suspended by the crane, I could see how much articulation can occur between the two, and was amazed.

Well that’s all for now, it’s been a fun experience thus far, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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  1. Jason says:

    How much track are you replacing on Timber Wolf? Which areas are getting the new track?

  2. Crystal says:

    Once again, your experience sounds amazing! Keep it up — I enjoy reading your updates.

  3. Donna Young says:

    I really like your updates. You were fortunate to find the best coaster builder in the world to work with. If you need anything such as specs just contact me. I supply GCII with their hardware. Maybe will see you at next IAAPA.


  4. Brandon Bushman says:

    Keep up with the updates Eamon, I’m really enjoying them! A quick question for you, I know GCI is on year 3 of a 5 year total rehab of Thunder Road at Carowinds, have you been doing anything with that? The rehab has been great, the front half of the ride is significantly smoother now and faster now…and no more pothole before the turnaround)!!

  5. Eamon Kelly says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    Jason, we are not re-tracking Timberwolf; we just sold Worlds of Fun the track steel.

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