Snow Day!

By , February 15, 2010
Eamon Kelly

Hey guys, we had a fairly interesting week, with one day off of work because of about 20” of snow. I started the week off by installing brake fins. We also installed some of the anti-rollback weldments, as well as the dogs (the ARB dogs are what hang down and make the clanking noise on the way up the lift hill). We also got some more guide wheel and upstop wheel parts in, so we installed those as well. Next week should be exciting, because we will begin flipping some of the trains.

Keep an eye on our photo section for more renderings of the mysterious GCI project!

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  1. Brandon Bushman says:

    I just saw an announcement yesterday of that “project”…all I can say is that thing looks EPIC. Can you convince GCI to convince Carowinds to get a GCI coaster?

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