Overloaded with Nails

By , April 5, 2010
Eamon Kelly

Hey guys,

So last week we mainly worked on trains, and prepped one shipment of material for China.  I put together some seat bottoms, and also some of the lapbar assembly.  I think this is my favorite assembly, because it uses the most parts, and is consequently complicated.  The assembly is part of what ‘clicks’ when you pull down the lapbar.  It is also cool to note that in this assembly there are a few redundant safety systems.  This is an important concept in engineering, and it basically means that the assembly is designed in such a way that some parts of it could break and it would still function properly.  These redundant safety systems are implemented to ensure rider safety.

As for the shipment, we primarily sent nails… 2 million to be precise.  Before that shipment, we had 5 million nails in our yard.

That’s a LOT of nails.

See you next week,

3 Responses to “Overloaded with Nails”

  1. Crystal says:

    Very interesting about the assembly; which mechanisms are superfluous? I’ve only ever seen the lapbars from a rider’s perspective, but I’m intrigued nonetheless.

    And that *is* a lot of nails…

  2. Brandon Bushman says:

    I’ve always been quite curious about the lapbars myself. I always knew they had redundant safety systems (I did a research paper on roller coaster/amusement park safety for my high school Senior Exit Project), but have never gotten to see them and how they work. Everything you are doing sounds so cool!

    …and please tell me they didn’t make you count the nails by hand as part of the internship :-)

  3. Eamon Kelly says:

    ‘Superfluous’ isn’t exactly the right word for it, because in certain situations they serve a purpose. I can’t give any details about the mechanism itself, other than it has built-in redundancy. Sorry.

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