Knoebel’s and a Broken Computer

By , April 27, 2010
Eamon Kelly

Hey Guys,

First, let me apologize for the lack of a post last week.  My computer is less than operational right now, so it’s been difficult to get posts together.  Anyways, this post is sure to be chock full of goodies, starting with Knoebel’s and ending with a special shipment.

So, Knoebel’s opened this Saturday.  I was pretty excited about going, because I’ve never really experienced a small, family-owned park.  For the event, a couple members from my group at Ohio State came out.  We started the day out with ERT on Phoenix.  This was my first time on Phoenix, and it most definitely lived up to the hype; I couldn’t believe how awesome the ride was in the front seat!  The bumper cars were awesome too.  Couple Knoebel’s cool rides with amazing (and reasonably priced) food, and you have yourself an amazing park that I look forward to visiting again soon.

Now to business.  The first train for George and the Dragon has been shipped out.  It was cool to see how we package the cars in the container such that they don’t move around.  The cars are pristine and beautiful, and we wouldn’t want any scratches or dings in them, so we make sure to secure them in the container so they can’t move.  Things are still busy here getting the remaining three trains built up.

Well, that’s all for now.  If you’ve never been to Knoebel’s, I highly suggest you come visit them, because they have a great park!

3 Responses to “Knoebel’s and a Broken Computer”

  1. Kai says:

    Small Question: Do You Still need to start at the remaining three, or do you have already a start on them?

  2. Eamon Kelly says:

    The remaining three are started and in various stages of completion.

  3. Brandon Bushman says:

    I’ve always kind of wondered this, but how heavy are the individual cars on those trains? I can’t imagine they are heavier than the cars for steel coasters, but there’s so much to the cars/trains on coasters I know they are a LOT heavier than most people realize.

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