By , June 13, 2010
Eamon Kelly

Hey guys,

So Friday was my last day working at Great Coasters, and some of us celebrated with a trip up to Sea Breeze and Darien Lake this weekend.  As I’m sure you’ve seen, the internet is ablaze with news of Joris en de Draak receiving and testing the trains.  Our guys overseas are busy getting the ride ready for opening, and in the meantime we’ve been prepping and working on the trains for China.  In a way I’ve come full circle…  One of the first things I did was cut out mud flaps, and it was also the last thing I did.  Seeing as a lot of what we’ve been working on the past week I’ve already talked about, there isn’t much to add.

I would, however, like to thank Great Coasters for the amazing opportunity.  I have learned a lot about both the industry and engineering, and the experience and knowledge I have gathered will show in the work that I do for the rest of my life.  The most interesting thing to note is that, on the outside, it would appear that train assembly would have little to do with engineering.  After going through the process of building the trains, I have gathered an appreciation for how to engineer something properly, taking into account subtle, but important, details.  This, in conjunction with knowledge about the industry, will help not only me, but the entire Theme Park Engineering Group (TPEG) in our endeavors to break into the industry.  Both TPEG and myself plan on continuing a relationship with Great Coasters, seeking expertise and advice from an industry leader.

To Chris, Adam, and Dan, I thank you for the knowledge and perspective you’ve given me on not only what it takes to build a roller coaster, but more importantly the dedication and work ethic required to get the job you want. I’ll continue to pass the knowledge on to those younger than I, as you have to me.

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