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By , August 25, 2010
Jeff Bachiochi

Here at the office in Sunbury, we like to watch Discovery Channel’s American Chopper at lunch. If you’re not familiar, its a “reality” show about Orange County Choppers and all the custom bikes they build. To be honest the dialog is pretty contrived, but the thing I like about the show is watching them build bikes from scratch. We like to joke that Great Coasters should have a similar reality show. We can’t create trains as fast as OCC creates bikes, but we could certainly bring a lot of drama to the show. The office here is filled with characters, and sometimes things get stressful and it gets really interesting ;).   It would definitely be entertaining enough for Discovery Channel. I think people would like watching what we do. Unfortunately I don’t know how much we can even show since a lot of our techniques are a secret so…..

To switch gears, our china trains are about 99% done. With the exception of the 5 chassis’ that need to be inspected, all the cars are set to be completed this week. Over a dozen of the cars are done while others are only missing a couple bolts and nuts. Its really cool for me to see what is basically a finished product. When I first started, these cars were nothing but chassis, and now they’re all grown up! I’ve attached some pictures of the shop to show how crowded its has become. But on the bright side, we are also breaking ground this week on our new building expansion. So within a few weeks we should have a much bigger shop to operate in. Maybe if we have more space, Discovery Channel will want to do our show..stay tuned!

Jeff :)

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  1. Eamon says:

    Be grateful. When I was there Dan put ‘Leave it to Beaver’ on every. single. day. You can tell him I said this too.

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