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By , September 16, 2010
Jeff Bachiochi

Wow it has been a while since I last posted on here! I guess I have a lot of catching up to do. Around the shop, things have been pretty unpredictable. Since construction has been going on, we’ve been cramped up indoors, unable to use hardly any space outside. And the result has been a crowded shop full of miscellaneous roller coaster ‘toys’. Since it’s so crowded, we’ve kept ourselves busy with all kinds of prep work, mostly projects that can be done on a small area of the bench (because that’s all we have for room some days!)

Outside the office, I’ve had a chance to do some really fun things. A couple weeks ago, a few of us went down to Dorney Park for the day. I had never been there before, which is crazy considering it has always been the closest Cedar Fair park to me no matter where I’ve lived. And yet I’ve been to Kings Dominion, Kings Island, Canada’s Wonderland, Cedar Point, Carowinds, and even Knott’s Berry Farm! Regardless, I had a really good time discovering a new park. Though much smaller than most of its Cedar Fair cousins, Dorney certainly has a nice collection of rides. I personally thought Hydra, the steel floorless coaster, was the most surprisingly fun ride. It doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention in the enthusiast world, but it certainly packs an intense and unique punch.

Last weekend turned out to be one of my favorites of the year. I was lucky enough to attend my first ever Golden Ticket Awards at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. And what an event it was. At 7:45 on Saturday morning, we were taken on a tour of the park which included backstage looks into the maintenance bays of Griffon, Loch Ness, and Alpengeist, as well as a elevator ride to the top of Griffon! And what a view it was. Definitely an experience I won’t forget. We got to spend the rest of the day in the park. And though I’ve been there before, Busch is an awesome park to spend a day in. Throughout the day, we ran into a bunch of industry leaders who all came for the awards show that night, which was really cool for a nerd like me.

The Golden Ticket Award ceremony took place in the park that night. And all I can say is, it was a ton of fun. Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure ran the show taking 5 golden tickets including best new ride for their new Harry Potter dark ride. Busch Gardens organized a few musical performances which were excellent, while Chris and Jeff from GCII put on a show of their own with a mock-video of “Undercover Boss” taking place at the GCII engineering office. It was a fun night of eating, drinking, laughing, and socializing with some of the biggest and best of the amusement industry. I was amazed by how much everyone made me feel apart of it all. As an intern, I know my time in this industry may only be temporary. But for a moment that night, I was in. All my hopes and dreams of making it in this industry were suddenly real. I certainly didn’t take THAT moment for granted. In a year from now, I could be a nobody in this business. But I’ll always have those memories of my weekend at Busch.

This weekend we’re going out to Kennywood. It’ll be my first time there so you can imagine I’m very excited. Kennywood has been on my hot list for years.

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