Intern Weekend!

By , November 10, 2010
Jeff Bachiochi

So this past weekend was the 2nd annual Intern Weekend, and boy did we have a great group of candidates. Seriously, I’m real glad I already got the job because if I had to interview against some of the kids that came in this weekend, I would not be on here talking about it.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, this weekend Chris invited a bunch of new candidates to drive/fly to Sunbury to apply for the position as next years train intern. We did the same thing last year with me, Eamon, and a few others. Except this year, we had almost 20 candidates, and they came from all over! Boston, Colorado, North Carolina, Delaware, Nebraska, Ohio, New York…the list goes on. The whole weekend was a lot of fun.

As for us in the shop, we are in complete disarray! Okay not exactly. But because the shop is expanding, awe’ve recently had to evacuate the normal shop area and relocate ALL our materials to a brand new concrete slab on the other side of the new building. As of today, the original shop is covered with backfill (pictures coming soon). And yet amongst all this chaos, we’ve actually stayed surprisingly very productive. The concrete team is scheduled to pour the final slab at the end of this week, so hopefully by late next week we can finally move everything to its new home. I’m looking forward to it. This new shop is going to be beautiful.

Friday I fly down to Orlando, so hopefully I’ll post an update from there!


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