Groundhog Week

By , December 1, 2010
Jeff Bachiochi

If you’re confused, this blog title is a reference to the 1993 movie Groundhog Day. In the movie, Bill Murry is a weatherman who gets trapped repeating one day (groundhog day) over and over again. He wakes up every morning on February 2nd in Punxsutawney, PA, and goes to sleep every night knowing well that there is no tomorrow. Its an awesome film and I recommend it to anyone who likes clever movies.

It’s an odd reference for a blog post, but its purpose came from a conversation Adam and I had in the shop the week after IAAPA. We were reminiscing about the fun we had during this amazing week in Orlando, and we got to talking about which day was our favorite. Which day was the one day we could relive over and over; Our groundhog day. And to be honest I had a hard time picking a favorite day. The week of IAAPA was so fun and eventful, I had to bend the rules and just say that the entire week was my groundhog week. If was stuck in a single week for the rest of my life, reliving it over and over, I’d pick November 14-20, 2010! It was that cool.

As an ambassador, I got the opportunity to work in the trade show. The only way I can think of how to summarize what we did is that we were the operations team of the trade show. Our group of no more than 20 was responsible for making sure all education sessions, show floor tours, award shows, off-site events, and all other events ran as smoothly as possible. We’d get up for the 6:30 a.m. shuttle every morning and work at the convention center all day. It was long, exhausting day, but at night, the whole team would hit the town and celebrate. And I mean every night! This group was relentless and I loved every minute of it. We’d stay out ’til at least 1:00 am, sleep a few hours, drag ourselves out of bed at 6, hit the coffee, and get right back to work…..everyday! It was an absolute blast.

What amazed me most was how fast everything happened. How fast a 14 hour day could go. How fast I’d fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. How fast these people, whom I never met in my life, suddenly felt like old friends to me. And sadly, how fast it was all over.

The week of IAAPA was so eventful. Its been a while now since I left Orlando, and I’m still digesting some of the memories, and probably will until Christmas. I can’t pick a favorite day, because frankly it all felt like one¬†cumulative¬†experience, a 168 hour continuous day….with naps in between. I’ll never forget it. And if any of you ambassadors are reading this, I’ll never forget you either. (That wasn’t a conditional statement, I’ll remember you whether you read this or not). Thanks for all the memories guys. I hope we get to do it again next year!

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  1. Colleen says:

    I did read it….now you cant forget me!

  2. Matt Heller says:


    Thanks for sharing! Interesting take on the week – and I have to agree. Even for us non-Ambassadors, it’s a pretty special time of the year.

    Happy Holidays!

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