Floating Away

By , March 14, 2011
Adam Yerdon

We have been pretty busy in the shop this past week. New shelving units are on their way, so it’s been a game of “where to put things” in the mean time. On top of keeping things organized and out of the way, we also started bending track steel.
It may seem like an interesting or fun job to bend track steel, but I assure you, it is not. The steel is very heavy, and needs to be brought to the bender piece by piece. Due to the crazy mix of snow and rain in central Pennsylvania, all the steel we had on site was covered in ten inches of snow. This all had to be shoveled off before we could bring it inside. Once inside, it had to be run through the bender at a certain tolerance and specification. Adam has gotten to be pretty skilled at getting the bend to come out right on the very first pass, but a couple pieces Рout of the fifty we did Рstill had to be run through a couple times to ensure that they were up to snuff. After a full day of getting my cloths covered in rust, the pieces are now finally palletized according to size and bend radius, ready to go.

The new office expansion is now in it’s final stages, with just a few little details left to be finished up.

That’s all for now!

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