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By , March 31, 2011
Adam Yerdon

There aren’t many people in the office today, so that gives me a moment to write up another blog.

Great Coasters was started in 1994, and not a lot of digital cameras existed back then. When rides like Wildcat, the Roars, Gwazi, and Lightning Racer were being built, all photographs of the ride had to be developed and printed. One of my assignments for this week has been to scan in all the old photographs to a digital format. This of course has lent itself to some funny pictures of people in the company in their younger days. It seems that everyone had a mustache at one point in time (at least the men of the company).

As I’ve been scanning in photographs, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of different components that go into the construction of a wooden coaster. All things to be considered when designing a Great Coaster.

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