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By , January 23, 2012
Pat Slattery

Hi everyone, I’m Pat Slattery, and I’m the new intern here at GCII in Sunbury. Like former intern Eamon, I’m from the Ohio State University, and am in the Theme Park Engineering Group there. I actually first interviewed for this internship at the same time as Eamon, in October 2009. I interviewed again in October 2010, and then just a couple months ago finally got the call from Chris that I had been selected, over two years after my first interview with GCII. If I had to give one piece of advice to someone trying to get a job in this industry, it’s that patience and perseverance are absolutely vital.

I’ve been working at GCII since January 3rd, and despite my late start to this blog (at first due to lack of internet access, and then due to a lovely and enjoyable week-long bout with the flu), I do intend to keep this site fairly well updated. I’ll start by giving a quick overview of my time with GCII so far. This has been an extremely busy few weeks for everyone here as we work to complete three Millennium Flyer trains for Europa Park’s Wodan Timburcoaster. We completed the first three cars in time for them to be shipped on the 17th (while also working on the rest of the cars for the first train so they can be shipped this week). While I was out with the flu last week, the rest of the assembly crew (Adam, Dan, Chris, and Mats) worked like crazy and got the rest of the Train 1 cars done a few days ahead of schedule. There’s no time to stop and rest, however, as the second and third trains need to be finished in a few weeks!

Today, all of the cars for Train 2 were flipped. For those who haven’t followed this site before, when a Millennium Flyer is built, all the chassis start out upside down.  The running gear (wheels, anti-rollbacks, chain dogs, etc) is built with the car upside down, as it’s a lot easier to access that way.  Then, the cars are all individually flipped, placed on custom made pallets, and the seats, lapbars, running boards, etc, are added on.  The flipping process was very interesting today, as we used a new method that Chris developed over the past couple weeks (it’s not like you can just pick the cars up by hand and flip them over- a fully assembled Millennium Flyer car weighs almost six hundred pounds!).  While it took a couple attempts for everyone to fully learn the new process, it seems to me like it works much more smoothly and safely than the old way of flipping the cars.  With all of the Train 2 cars flipped right side up, we hope to have the full train completed by the end of this week. Keep watching this site, as I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some pictures within the next several days of the progress so far!

3 Responses to “Hello World”

  1. Jeff Bachiochi says:

    Sounds like you are off to a fast start. Have fun dude. Building those flyers is a blast!

  2. Brandon Bushman says:

    Hey man, congrats on getting the internship! Sounds like you pretty much had to hit the ground running. Nice to see this back up and running, and looking forward to future updates from you Pat.

  3. Steven says:

    What did GCII look for in you when they interviewed you? I would love to intern there one day and I would like to know more about what they want you to have when they are considering hiring interns.(skills, intelligence, school grades…?)

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