By , March 29, 2007
Evan Souliere

I posted some photos today of the two Renegade trains labeled “almost done” without realizing that they’re the first photos posted where they actually look like trains.

With that said, I hope you agree with us in thinking that the color scheme and overall design is really cool. The bronze-ish color is actually a metallic finish, so it will look awesome in the sun.

Work has been going generally very well. We received the two lead axles today and already have one mated with its lead coach. That in itself is really amazing, since the lead axles require a lot of work done before we can even think of connecting it, plus the time it takes to put the two together is dramatically less than it used to be.

Adam has been working hard on the running boards and has more than one train done with those (the blue train). Those cars also have the knee guards and can be considered done, except for the nerf bars and trim.

We should be done with these two trains by next Friday at the latest and can get started on the first twelve Troy chassis that are already being stored in our shop!

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