By , April 9, 2007
Evan Souliere

Last week was pretty crazy in and out of the shop. In the end, however, we have all of the Renegade cars to the same point, and as far as we can take them for now. All that remains are the banisters, which are at the painting stage. To get the cars to this point, however, took a lot of phone calls and running around last week. And with Chris out of the office for a couple days, it was crazier than normal for us interns.

I should also mention that the banisters for Wildcat were finished last week and delivered to Hershey. I’ve posted photos of those. They look great.

Also of interest: We have officially begun the Toverland cars. We’ve had 12 chassis in our possession for a couple weeks now (with 12 more coming next week) and, with a lot of moving around in the shop, we got them in and started working on them. More on that in the near future.

And finally, I went to Hersheypark this weekend, battling the 35-degree weather and snow flurries. I have never been to that park (except to test Wildcat) and the three rides I was hoping to get on were all closed: Wildcat, Lightning Racer, and Storm Runner. I was able to go up to Wildcat, however, and show off the trains to my family (as well as get the photos of the banister), but I’ll have to make it back in warmer weather. I did take my first ride on a coaster (Comet) in the snow, though.

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