By , September 3, 2012
Kevin Young

Hey everyone!

My name is Kevin Young, and I’m very privileged to be working at GCII this semester. I’m from Nashville, TN, and am currently studying mechanical engineering at the University of Kentucky. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you for the next few months and giving some insight into what goes on at a global company like GCII from a new employee’s point of view.

While Colin’s primary focus will be trains here at the shop, I have been brought in to work in the steel structure department. I will hopefully have the opportunity to learn how to use many pieces of equipment in the machine shop that I have never gotten to use before and master them by the end of the term. Who knows, maybe I’ll even learn to weld?

I arrived on Saturday and Colin showed me around the booming metropolis of Sunbury, PA. Boasting a soon-to-be Super Wal-Mart and a Red Robin, this city has all that any person could ever want or need. We checked out Knoebels after I arrived, which for anyone who has never been is an awesome park and probably one of the better kept secrets of the amusement industry. The food is tremendous, and the bumper cars are out of this world.

I was busy from nearly the first minutes I walked in the door at GCII on Monday, counting incoming parts and making sure we received the correct quantities of each one. That didn’t last long though, as I was quickly taken by Jerry to begin work in the structure shop.

The Great America and Fun Spot projects are both well underway, and currently we are trying to get all of the general steel work for each of those projects completed. When I began work on Monday, I started out drilling holes in the new trough liner for our chain trough. We pre-drill and countersink all of these holes before going on-site so that there is minimal downtime once it arrives. Once that was completed, Josh and I began measuring and drilling the trough channel that the liner will sit in (Josh works under Jerry and will be showing me the ropes on most things in the shop). Once every piece was drilled, we stacked and banded the channel and liner in exact quantities to go to Great America and Fun Spot.

More steel arrived on Friday, and the process of measuring and drilling bridge steel is well underway. I will have more on that next week, as well as exciting tales from the shop. It’s about to get REALLY busy here in the next few weeks, so the action is going to be fast and furious I’m sure. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

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