By , September 16, 2012
Colin Coon

It’s blog time again!

This week involved a lot of preparation for the Fun Spot and California’s Great America trains.  There are literally thousands of parts and pieces that make up each individual train, and hundreds per car.  Anything that is directly bolted to the chassis of each train is usually made up of an assembly.  For example, each guide wheel weldment has to be constructed from several different parts and once it’s a completed assembly it can be bolted to the chassis.  My week consisted mostly of putting these assemblies together so that when the chassis show up we can attach everything on quickly.

Another thing that we started working on durning the evenings this week was a Coaster Dynamix.  I’ve always wanted one of these things, but I’ve never really gotten a chance to play around with one.  So far I can see why these models are not for everyone, they are difficult to get just right!  However when it’s done it should be a really cool model.  I’ve never really been interested in coming up with layouts, but after messing around with this for a few nights I’m slowly seeing why laying out a coaster is fun.  Plus, it’s nice having it right in front of you to tweak and perfect to your liking (Chris is also a perfectionist so that helps).

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