By , October 4, 2012
Colin Coon

Another week, another blog… The last two weeks have been interesting over at Great Coasters. We’ve been getting lots of train pieces ready for Gold Striker on the cosmetic side of things. I spent a few days getting the seat sides and seat bottoms ready for upholstery, and then took them to the upholstery shop where they will be completed. Considering that each car is made up of half a dozen upholstered pieces this took some time to get all prepped.

We’ve also been working on getting the IAAPA booth ready for this year, as well as a few items going to EAS. I’d say a good half of our shop is filled with stuff from the IAAPA booth right now as we go through and inventory everything. This years booth will be pretty cool looking, so check it out in November if you are attending!

There have also been a few big orders from three different rides that we are compiling parts for. Since it is the off season a lot of track work is going on at several rides across the country, and we even supply hardware for rides that GCI did not construct. What that means is that we have been really busy trying to stay on top of everything! Hopefully these orders will be done in the next week or two so we can clean up the shop a little bit.

Lastly I’ve been running around and doing as many parks and Halloween events in the area as possible. I’m not used to having an off season, nor am I used to the independent Halloween events going on here in Pennsylvania. It’s actually really cool to see how detailed some of the haunts are, and it feels a lot different than the ones I’m used to. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

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