By , April 19, 2007
Evan Souliere

Busy day today, but we got a lot done.

When we arrived at the office at 8:00, our first truck (well, container for overseas shipment) of the day was waiting for us. Its contents are materials for Troy’s construction that we had assembled and prepared to be packed. A combination of some last minute changes and loading 14-foot stacks of lumber length-wise into the container made this one a challenge, but we finished by 10:30.

Within minutes after that truck left, another backed into our yard. The contents of this truck are the 12 cars that make up Renegade’s first train. We got them in one after another, secured them well to the trailer, and sent that one on its way to Valleyfair. It was pretty exciting to see these cars off. Much like getting Wildcat on the road, it represents a sort of finality in getting the cars done. As Adam has mentioned before, it is awesome to think about what this train will be doing within a matter of weeks. And that from that point, it will be bringing so much enjoyment to a huge amount of people.

But anyway, after that sigh of relief, we took a short lunch break around 1:30.

After having some time to prepare for the final shipment of the day – Renegade’s second train – the last truck arrived around 3:00. Having plenty of practice by this time, we loaded it with ease and sent that truck on its way around 5:00. Renegade had officially left our shop.

As for the other happenings in our office, Troy has been progressing. We are expecting the remaining 12 chassis on Monday and will be catching those up with the 12 we have now. I think I can speak for both Adam and I when I say that we are really comfortable working with the trains now. Quite unlike in the beginning, we work somewhat autonomously, knowing exactly what needs to be done and when to do it. Chris will certainly join us when we need help and always checks our work, but it’s nice to not have to bug him all the time. I’m sure he likes it, too!

Thanks for checking in with us. Troy will be taking center stage now and should be a lot of fun.

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