By , October 15, 2012
Colin Coon

Hey again everyone,

Last week was pretty fun both at the shop and outside of it, which made it fly by pretty quickly.  At the shop Dan and I had the daunting task of preparing some very large orders for three different rides.  It took a long time to gather everything, but at the same time I got to test my parts orientation to see what I have learned so far.  Dan still had to come in and help point out certain things, but for the most part I figured it out.  Slowly but surely I’m memorizing where everything is, and maybe by the end of this internship I’ll know it like the back of my hand!  Maybe…

Along with these orders we are also preparing for the Gold Striker chassis to arrive in the coming weeks.  Dan and I took a trip out to the place where the chassis are born and inspected what had been completed so far.  The reason for this is we would rather have any defects or issues discovered at the plant where they are produced than at the shop.  Every chassis is inspected at each weld to insure that when they arrive at the shop there are no surprised and final assembly can go smoothly.  Lastly, we stocked up on hardware for the trains so that when they do arrive we can assembly them quickly.

Last weekend was also my first Phoenix Phall Phunfest at Knoebels!  It was a really cool event that the park puts on every year during the first weekend of October.  Lots of rides were themed, there were tons of food vendors at the Covered Bridge Festival that occurs at the same time, and I can’t really complain about riding Phoenix about a dozen times during the day!  It was a really fun event, and it might just be my last trip to Knoebels before the season ends.  Good thing I ended it on a 10-minute spin on the bumper cars!

Until next time,

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