By , May 2, 2007
Adam House

“And so, every good thing comes to an end.”

Today was my last day for the semester at Great Coasters International. I must say that this really has been one of the fastest and most exciting times of my life. I have gathered a vast amount of knowledge about roller coasters as well as met some funny and interesting people. It is really amazing to see how much work and how many parts go into creating a roller coaster and in particular, the roller coaster trains. You really can’t get an idea until you are the one putting things together and getting dirty. There were some days that seemed long and tough, but at the end of the day you can sit back, look at the finished product and say, “This is going to make thousands of people happy.” What an awesome feeling of accomplishment.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Chris Gray, Jeff Pike, and everyone at Great Coasters International for giving me the opportunity to come in and not only help them, but also learn along the way.

Thanks to the enthusiasts for keeping up with the site and I look forward to seeing you at the parks. Please keep visiting the site, Evan will still be around for photos and updates as they happen.

And now on to an update on the rides. Chris has recently left to go to Valleyfair and you know what that means, the trains will soon be on the ride and testing will be under way. As for the Troy trains, assembly is in full swing. The trains are really beginning to take shape with seat backs and sides being added as well as the upholstered parts. The lapbars and lapbar locking mechanisms are also being installed. Keep following with the site to see the latest photos from the shop.

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