By , May 6, 2007
Evan Souliere

Just a quick update on what’s going on.

If you frequent the coaster forums, you should find that Renegade has, indeed, begun testing. It made its first successful run on Saturday, May 5, just before 5:00 local time. It continued testing that day, including some with its first riders. As long as Chris and Jeff are on site, we will continue to post updates with that testing.

As far as Troy is concerned, it is just two of us working in the shop for now, but we’re making a lot of progress. Early last week, we had installed lapbars on eight of the 24 cars and spent the remainder of the week preparing the others for lapbars. As of Friday afternoon, the other 16 cars are all set to begin receiving lapbars, which will begin on Monday.

It goes without saying that since we are this point, the seatsides and seatbacks are all installed on the cars. It has been made public online what the design for these will look like, but, unfortunately, we have to refrain from posting photos of the design until we are explicitly told we can do so. Because of its elaborate theming, we want to make certain that we do not ruin any of the park’s plans for the ride. With that said, if/when we do get permission, you can be sure we’ll post photos.

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