By , May 16, 2007
Evan Souliere

The work on Troy is winding down. After last posting, Mike and I (the only two in the shop at the time), continued with lapbars on the remaining 16 cars, but ran into alignment discrepancies with a part needed for their installation. With a lot of calls and running back and forth, we were finally able to get them all in. Though I’m somewhat more used to it now, I’ll revert back to what I had said in the beginning about how dependent we are on other people’s work.

We also got some help from Dan, who joined us back in the shop last week and is continuing to help until the trains are done. Chris is back from ValleyFair, as well, so we’re back in full swing.

Once we got all of the lapbars on, we then inspected the locking mechanisms on each one and were able to install the right and left running boards. Detail work continued at the same time, with the trim on the seat backs and the nerf bars. And most recently, we began installing the covers for the lapbar locking mechanisms and the knee guards at the front of each car.

And so, as of this morning, we are almost done. There are just a few cars requiring knee guards and all need some final touches to the elaborate theming. It won’t be long until we ship these two trains.

I have been documenting these trains well and will post photos as soon as I can.

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