By , May 30, 2007
Evan Souliere

Well Troy’s trains are done and we have posted the photos to prove it (finally!). The photos are about a week old, in fact.

Since finishing, I’ve been doing other “exciting” things in the shop like cleaning up the mess we made while constructing six trains and taking inventory on all new and old revisions of our train parts. Mike and I have also been sorting through all of the material that has just returned from Valleyfair, as well as sending off things to Toverland. Since my work is now the lowest priority of anyone in the office, I was also the default person to drive to Newark the other day to see Clair off to the Netherlands.

In other words, my work better resembles that of an “intern” now that the trains are done I am not complaining, though. I still love the environment and am happy to have the chance to be there.

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