By , June 17, 2007
Evan Souliere

As the weekend wraps up, there are two things to report:

First of all, Troy made its first (and more) successful circuit today at approximately 12:00 EST. As soon as Chris called to tell me, I knew it was good news and I was thrilled to hear it. So the testing phase has begun and hopefully Troy will be open to the public soon. We haven’t posted any photos of the ride itself in a long time, but Toverland has done an amazing job with the theming, so it looks like this will be quite the coaster experience. I now need to figure out when I can get there.

The second thing to report is that I am done in the GCI office for this season. My last day was Thursday (I left at lunch and drove straight to Cedar Point, actually, in time for Coastermania on Friday). I have since moved out of the area, so I’m posting this from the comfort of my own home. As Adam commented when he had to leave, it has been quite the experience. Though assembling trains isn’t exactly what I want to end up doing in the business, it sure allowed me to better understand the amusement industry as a whole and certainly coaster design and construction. I owe a lot of what I now know and where I will end up to everyone at GCI. This especially goes for Chris, who took it upon himself to give two guys a great opportunity because he was once in our shoes.

As for the site, which you’re probably most interested in, it will remain up and as active as we can make it. As Troy continues to test, Adam and I remain in contact with Chris and the team in the Netherlands, so we will continue to post as much as we can.

Beyond that, things will obviously die down, but I’m sure we’ll find more good stuff to post.

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