By , February 18, 2013
Nathan Rubin

Hello GCII fans!

I just wanted to give y’all a brief update of what’s going on at the Kentucky Engineering office. These last two weeks have been spent working almost exclusively on finalizing steel posts, batters, bracing, ribbons, and diagonals at Fun Spot. I take it that many of you have seen the photos of the brake run posted on our Facebook page. I would definitely expect to see many more in the near future of the lift hill starting to take shape. Detailing and cutting the steel is what takes a long time; however, the construction is as simple as putting in some bolts and aligning the pieces. (Okay, some more than that goes into it, but that’s the general idea). This should be a very rapid process up until the track is laid, which requires time, patience, and LOTS of experience.

I know this is a short update, but these past two weeks have been very busy, and a LARGE amount of work has been done. Joe, Jeff, Evan, Adam and myself have been extremely focused on making White Lightning as flawless as possible. It is shaping up to be amazing ride, and could not have been completed without the talent and dedication of everyone at the engineering office in Kentucky, as well as our steel fabricators, train manufacturers, and the entire construction crew in Florida.

I look forward to updating y’all with some photos from the job site in the near future As always, the best way to follow our progress is either through our Facebook page or Fun Spot’s!

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