By , April 26, 2013
Nathan Rubin

Whew! This last month has been quite eventful for GCII. The entire structure for Fun Spot is set and a majority of the track has been laid. Also, if you haven’t seen,  Gold Striker has been testing, and the reviews I’ve heard from Evan and Joe out there have been nothing short of spectacular. I really think that this is going to be the surprise ride of the year for many people; either that or White Lightning.

Back in the Kentucky office, I’ve been working on some wrap-up drawings to provide to the park and miscellaneous other tasks. Between the manuals and final drawing packages, there’s quite a bit that goes into finishing out a ride. It’s been quiet around the office with just me and Adam, but so far a good week. Kings Island is opening tomorrow, and I fully plan on visiting for the first time! I am looking forward to riding my first Arrow Suspended coaster. Nerdy, I know, but they do look quite fun.

I hope to share some cool photos with y’all of White Lightning in the up and coming weeks!

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