By , May 3, 2013
Nathan Rubin

It’s finally theme park season in the North! That being the case, I took full advantage of checking out Kings Island this past weekend, despite the large crowds. Overall, it was a very enjoyable park! Clean, family-friendly and home to a unique collection of rides. I will say that Flight Deck was my favorite ride (and fully underrated for how intense of a ride it is), but keep in mind that I was not able to make it on The Beast, Racer or Vortex due to crowds and commitments I had made that day. I’m headed back to Kings Island after work this evening to check out The Beast and then down to Holiday World tomorrow for opening day to see how their rides are running this season!

For some more GCII related news, Gold Striker was opened to the public on Wednesday for a commercial shoot, and I have seen nothing but spectacular reviews about the ride. I’m hoping to be able to visit one of my Stanford or Cal friends soon and get to check it out! Also, Evan and I will be headed down to Fun Spot on Tuesday to help finish up White Lightning. I am extremely excited to be able to get some hands-on experience with the ride that I’ve been working on in AutoCAD for the last four months. That being the case, I plan on bringing my camera down to Fun Spot to get y’all some great photos of this absolutely beautiful ride

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