By , May 8, 2013
Eric Wilcox

It’s hard to believe that almost two months have passed since my last blog post. Time sure does fly by when you are working at GCII!

Since my last post, many things have happened here in Sunbury, PA. First and foremost, all the steel fabrication for White Lightning has been completed. All of the steel structure is standing down in Orlando and the ride looks incredible!  It can’t wait to ride the coaster in the near future.

With the fabrication completed, I transferred over to work with Dan on the trains for Fun Spot. A lot of my work focused around installing many of the smaller assemblies onto the coaches such as seat belts, control cables & lap bar can covers. Later on, I even had the chance to build one coach from the ground up (with the help of Dan and his expertise). While our Millennium Flyer trains may look complex to put together at first glance, our engineers have made the assembly procedure a quick & pain-free process. As of now both 6-coach trains are now either at the work site or in route.

I have also been taking advantage of the early park seasons to visit a few amusement parks including Knoebels, Dorney Park, King’s Dominion & Six Flags America. KD & SFA were new parks for me this year and I was excited to try out Roar which was the second coaster designed and built by GCII. I had a great time at all of these parks and I’m planning on visiting Hershey (my “home” park) real soon

Stay tuned for another blog entry and thanks for reading!

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  1. Ian says:

    Hi Eric, I thought I would stop by and say something as I’ve been following your/everyone else’s blog posts for a little while but haven’t commented up until now.

    Anyways, it’s a real treat for you guys to maintain a blog like this. It’s such a unique opportunity to have a glimpse of how a portion of the industry works, and especially since it’s not something you could commonly find information/feedback about. Thanks for everything you, as well as the interns at the other GCI offices do!

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