Some Closing Thoughts

By , May 27, 2013
Nathan Rubin

Wow! It’s crazy how quickly time flies! Five months ago, I began my internship with Great Coasters, which is truly an experience I will never forget. I pursued my passion for years prior leading up to this internship, and have been able to begin to see the fruits of my labor. Looking back on when I first accepted this internship, I never imagined being able to learn as much as I did in such a short period of time. Four of my five months were really spent on AutoCAD; however, these last few weeks really allowed me to apply everything I learned in the office.

To backtrack a bit, I was in Orlando for the last two weeks, aiding in the assembly of the air system for White Lightning. A few weeks prior, I had been tasked with creating the air system layout for the ride in AutoCAD, but never did I think I’d find myself actually helping install it. I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to work in the field on a brand new ride. The hours may have been long, and the Florida humidity brutal, but every minute of being on a job site is just pure exhilaration and anticipation. It is amazing to see each component come together so quickly once the ride machinery is on site, and the diligence and commitment that everyone on the construction side of this industry puts into each job. As I have stated before, seeing a single bent in AutoCAD is fun, and seeing it assembled in a photo is even more exciting; but being able to see each bent in person, connected to make a unique, beautiful, flowing structure is breathtaking. And even moreso, seeing each of those structural bents work in unison with one another as the 6,000+ pound vehicle careens around the track is even more amazing.

Reflecting back on my experience with Great Coasters, I truly wish that I had focused a bit more and taken in every piece of information that I possibly could have absorbed. However, I am beyond satisfied and grateful for the amazing experience that GCII has provided me with. The practical design and construction experience that I have been blessed to acquire is second to none that I could have even hoped to have obtained elsewhere. And, now that all is said and done, it was unbelievable to be able to see people’s expressions after riding White Lightning, and knowing that my five months of work played a small part in their happiness and excitement. White Lightning is truly a beautiful, exciting and action-packed ride that is perfect for families and enthusiasts. I can’t think of a better project to be involved with as my first project in the amusement industry. Great minds, great effort, great patience and great mentors provided a great internship experience at Great Coasters


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